Letter from the Curator

I’m delighted to announce the launch of Open Pages, a blog of Lesley University’s MFA Program in Creative Writing.  First, my deep thanks to everyone who has contributed posts so far, especially to Jorge Armenteros, Rich Manieri, and July Westhale, whose articles inaugurate this blog.  I plan to post new pieces roughly every two weeks, so I’m hungry for new writing about writing.

I see this blog as a forum for Lesley MFA alumni and faculty to converse, exploring a wide range of issues relevant to contemporary writing.  I also see it as a common space where we can come together to share ideas, advice, and aesthetic experiences.  My own role as curator—as opposed to editor—is to look for ways to say “yes” to a piece of writing, instead of excuses to say “no.” No contribution will be “rejected,” but I may offer suggestions for developing or revising a contribution before posting it on the blog.

Having been part of our program since its inception in 2003, my tastes in writing have grown ever-more informed by faculty, students, and alumni whose audiences range from the preschooler read to at bedtime to the seasoned theatergoer, from solitary readers in their homes to attendees at a spoken-word evening.  My standards are simple:  I want writing that inspires other writers to write back.

To accrue a backlog of posts, over the last year I’ve contacted alumni from all genres who I knew had published at least one book or had a piece of theatrical work publicly performed. I’m now open to contributions from all alumni or faculty.  Currently, there are five themes about which to post content:  Faculty and Alumni Work-in-Progress, The Teaching of Creative WritingThe Reading LifeWriting and Politics, and Writing and Publication.  See specific questions related to these themes here.  For each post, I will excerpt a passage or two, provide a link to the full article, and pose a few questions meant to provoke lively, respectful, and illuminating online conversation.  If you’d like to contribute a post, please include with it your biography and date of graduation, and if you have an author’s website or have published a book or books, please send a link to the former and a usable image of the latter.

As with the MFA in Creative Writing Program’s two Facebook pages, posts and comments on Open Pages will be public, so let’s be respectful in sharing.

Please email your contributions as word.doc attachments to scramer@lesley.edu.  I’m happy to answer any questions, too.

My best to you all,